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Bartlett & West information specialists deliver a full range of spatial technology services to exacting standards. Using state-of-the-art processes and techniques, they help their clients convert, acquire, store, manage, mine, and analyze data.

Burlington CMMS, City of Burlington, KansasBurlington CMMS, City of Burlington, Kansas

Spatial web-mapping solutions, Mid-Dakota Rural Water System (MDRWS), Miller, South Dakota :: Water distribution system organizations have a desire to view, search, and update maps or spatial information for their infrastructure. Over the past 15 years, Bartlett & West has assisted Mid-Dakota Rural Water System (MDRWS) in developing and implementing a robust GIS solution including desktop, web, and mobile interfaces. A recent addition to the MDRWS Enterprise GIS is the implementation of web-mapping solution called ArcGIS Online. The ArcGIS Online dashboard enables office staff to quickly identify what they are looking for and enter the map to view corresponding information in a context tailored for the user. MDRWS staff can access datasets as well as utility billing information on water use, meter number, type of user, and payments through mobile laptops, pads, tablets, and smartphones with ArcGIS Mobile or ArcGIS Collector. Recorded information can be read in real-time by project managers and administration staff to aid in decision making tasks, including work orders for repairs and maintenance. By having this web-mapping solution, or ArcGIS Online organizational account, MDRWS can better manage their infrastructure and forecast improvements to the water distribution system.Spatial web-mapping solutions Mid-Dakota Rural Water System Miller, South Dakota

GOTopeka SwiftSite, Greater Topeka Area Chamber of Commerce, Topeka, Kansas :: Municipalities large and small all have a desire to keep moving forward and looking to prosper in the future. Having a well funded Economic Development arm is vital to achieving the goals of expanding your workforce and enticing companies to locate their businesses in your community. As with most communities the local commercial real estate agencies are working with the Chamber of Commerce to advertise their existing properties to companies. GIS technology has evolved to fill a very important role in this area, by allowing commercial brokers to consolidate their listings into one web based map, and integrate those listings with different GIS data layers such as demographics and utility information.  Bartlett & West was contracted by GOTopeka to implement a GIS solution for their commercial site management needs. We were able to bring together GIS data from the City of Topeka and Shawnee County into one easy to use map that included all of GOTopeka's commercial brokers building and land sites. By having all this information available in one location, site selectors working for a company seeking to expand or relocate can eliminate the amount of time it takes to get the property information that they need.GO Topeka SwiftSite, Greater Topeka Area Chamber of Commerce, Topeka, Kansas

Topeka Stormwater Model, City of Topeka, Kansas :: Budgeting for Capital Improvements and prioritizing which projects get implemented first can be a daunting task for Municipal administrators. Each year bring new challenges and issues related to deteriorating infrastructure and preventative maintenance on infrastructure.  The City of Topeka Stormwater Department, contracted with Bartlett & West to build a GIS modeling application that integrates customer issues with the location of existing infrastructure around them. This process allows for the Stormwater Department to more effectively triangulate flow issues or problems. By utilizing a calculation they had been using to prioritize problem areas, we were able to implement a solution that ranks the most important fixes and repairs needed, thus eliminating the confusion regarding what gets done first.Topeka Stormwater Model, City of Topeka, Kansas

The State Historical Society of ND (SHSND) is tasked with oversight on reviewing and concurring on cultural resource studies related to regulated pipelines and other utility projects within the State of North Dakota. Bartlett & West assisted the SHSND in identifying and implementing a GIS solution to maintain datasets that depict historical, archaeological, or paleontological cultural resources. This very sensitive data needed a high level of control on accessibility. North Dakota is currently experiencing a well-publicized oil boom that is putting unprecedented strain on infrastructure, and agencies like the SHSND are tasked with regulatory oversight. These factors were important for Bartlett & West to consider when collaborating with the SHSND on creating a vision and plan to make their data accessible through spatial technologies. Bartlett & West has helped the SHSND develop and deploy a robust web map that allows approved Cultural Resource Contractors to access the important data they need to complete their work. Currently, Bartlett & West is working with the SHSND to provide enhanced accessibility through mobile technology.Spatial Web-Mapping Solutions, State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismarck, North Dakota

York GIS website, City of York, Nebraska :: Having a web-based GIS system is one of the best ways to benefit from the time and dollar investment into building a GIS system for our clients. By allowing our client’s staff access to view GIS data over the web, you eliminate bottle necks that had previously existed with the licensed user only model. This eliminates phone calls and delays in getting information to utility crews in the field as well as citizen requests for information.  The City of York invested in a project to scan all water service line parcel maps and store them in a database for their water utility crews working in the field. However, as this database was only accessible by one individual within the City, it created a delay when crews needed to see the maps before beginning their work to locate the service lines. Bartlett & West was able to implement a web-based GIS map that showed all of York’s existing utility information, while integrating the scanned images already stored digitally and linking them to the correct parcel within the GIS system. When a utility crew needs to see the parcel maps they can simply open the web site and click the appropriate parcel to see the service line image without ever picking up the phone and requesting a map.York GIS website, City of York, Nebraska

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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) needs assessment, development & implementation
  • Web hosting
  • Application development
  • Map, data and document integration
  • Map plotting & production
  • Document imaging
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