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Bartlett & West’s wastewater and biogas experts are positioned to assist clients with every phase of a biogas or biosolids project—from planning and designing the actual infrastructure, to assisting clients with taking the gas to market in order to realize returns.

Coca-Cola Wastewater Treatment ImprovementsCoca-Cola Wastewater Treatment Improvements, Truesdale, MO

Oakland WWTP Secondary Digester ImprovementsOakland WWTP Secondary Digester Improvements, Topeka, KS

Oakland WWTP BiosolidsOakland WWTP Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan, Topeka, KS

Sioux City WWTP Biosolids and Biogas Master PlanSioux City WWTP Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan, Sioux City, IA

Oakland WWTP Process Model, Topeka, KSOakland WWTP Process Model, Topeka, KS

St. Joseph WWTP Headworks DesignSt. Joseph WWTP Headworks Design, St. Joseph, MO

Biogas Services

Direct Contact:
Phil Gates, PE

  • Wastewater Facility Planning and Design
  • Gas Production and Feasibility Analysis
  • Technology and Equipment Selection
  • Facility Planning and Design
  • Pipeline Routing and Design
  • Gas and Environmental Credit Marketing Services
  • Regulatory and Permitting Services
  • Funding Services
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Construction Management, Observation, Inspection and Testing

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