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Technology Trends for Marketing Industrial Parks: Tools to win over tenants

There is the famous movie phrase, “If you build it, he will come.” Unfortunately, in the real world of industrial parks, that phrase very much oversimplifies the process of taking a site from an initial plan to a thriving development. Attracting businesses and investors to the site is a critical and often challenging step. Therefore some industrial park developers are looking at unique technology solutions to help market and capture the interest of prospective tenants.

Fly-Through Videos

Big Spring Airpark Industrial Master PlanBig Spring Airpark Industrial Master Plan (click to enlarge)The Big Spring Economic Development Corporation (BSEDC) was looking to expand the McMahon Wrinkle Airport Industrial Park in Big Spring, TX. BSEDC wanted to leverage the airport site and city’s rail access in order to attract new industries to town. They decided to have a 3D fly-through video created to highlight the features of the park and show the current and planned infrastructure. This video is used extensively by the BSECD on its website and in prospect meetings in order to generate interest in the industrial park, which is currently under development. The video visually communicates the vision of the site to the community, potential investors and prospective companies in a way that leaves traditional site plans falling flat.

Jeff Risley, a business development leader at Bartlett & West, explained, “We prepare 3D fly-though, motion graphics videos for many of our industrial park clients, as we did for Big Spring. These videos capture the possibilities of a property and help bring it to life for potential tenants. Plus this video is more than just pretty pictures; it is an accurate representation of what the property will be once construction is complete.”

3D Scanning of Existing Infrastructure

In other cases where a site contains existing infrastructure like buildings or rail lines, LiDAR technology can be used to produce 3D-digital and spatial representations of the infrastructure. This data can then be used to not only help market the property, but also for engineering purposes once the property is leased—thereby generating extra value out of the investment in a LiDAR scan.

Building LIDAR

For example, a developer in Houston was looking for a better way to position the existing building assets on a large industrial park. The existing manufacturing facilities on the property were in disrepair. Creating a fresh vision for these facilities was difficult because its present state didn’t represent its future potential.

Mike Murphy, another business development leader at Bartlett & West, shared, “We LiDAR scanned and produced a 3D representation of a five-story structure showing the precise location of columns, ceiling heights, door widths, and just about anything else important to a prospective tenant. We also produced floor plans the developer could use in marketing materials and prospect meetings to highlight the future potential of the structures. Yet, perhaps most advantageous to this developer was the added value the data creates for a future tenant. When a new company ultimately buys or leases the space, they will have a ready-made survey of the structure that can be used by consulting firms to develop renovation plans.”

Thanks to Bartlett & West’s technology solutions for marketing industrial parks, the firm’s clients are able to:

  • Capture the interest of and communicate the project vision to prospective investors, buyers, tenants and other key stakeholders.
  • Bring a site’s potential to life through 3D graphics.
  • And, gain extra value and cost savings through highly-accurate LiDAR survey data that can be used not only for marketing purposes but also for future site development.

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